About Dillon Precision

A few words from our founder, Mike Dillon:

“Our products have thrived for several reasons. First, I run the company based on my philosophy. You treat other people the way you want to be treated. I don’t want people calling me up saying, “You miserable S.O.B., you sold me this machine and now you won’t help me.” I don’t want anyone mad at me. This is reflected in our warranty. No warranty cards, registration or serial numbers are necessary. Whether you are the first owner, or the seventeenth, all our hobby-level reloading machines have a lifetime warranty. If you break, damage or wear out anything on them, it will be fixed or replaced – whatever is necessary to restore the machine to normal operating condition. If a minor part is all that is needed, contact us and we will ship the part. (International customers pay the return shipping costs) If something major is damaged or broken,contact us and we issue the customer a return merchandise authorization-RMA- to return the item to us for repair. The customer pays the shipping; we fix or replace as is warranted. Only our commercial machine, the Super 1050, has a one-year warranty, as do all electrical/electronic products and textiles. Our customers understand that they have a best friend at our factory. We are only a phone call, FAX or E-mail away. In return we receive an incredible amount of customer loyalty.”


Established in 1977.

When Dillon Precision’s founder Mike Dillon wanted to make .223 ammunition for his M16 he was told that it couldn’t be done on a progressive press.  He modified that press and made the ammunition.  Then he built upon the lessons he learned in making those modifications and built his own press, the RL-1000.  In the years since that first press was built Dillon Precision has continued to build upon the lessons that they have learned and the current product offering is stronger than ever.