California Prop 65

California’s “Proposition 65” law requires companies conducting business in California to provide a “clear and reasonable” warning before knowingly and intentionally exposing anyone to any of more than 900 chemicals. For consumer product sales, this requirement was historically limited to providing the warning on the product’s packaging or on point-of-sale signage.

Going into effect on August 30, 2018, changes to Proposition 65 require any internet seller or catalog seller to also provide the warning as follows:

For internet purchases, on the product display page or otherwise prominently to the purchaser prior to completing the purchase.

For catalog purchases, in the catalog in a manner that clearly associates it with the item being purchased.

Additional information about these new requirements can be found at

Though we have no reason to believe our products could cause harm when used as intended, we will include the appropriate Proposition 65 warnings on some of our products to meet the California “safe harbor” requirements. Attached please find a list of the Dillon Precision products that require a warning, as well as the chemical associated for that product. Additionally, non-Dillon items that we sell which have Proposition 65 warnings will be on a separate list.  These lists will be updated as necessary, and will be available on

Under this law, it is your responsibility to ensure that any required warnings are provided on your retail website, catalog, or any e-commerce platform you use, including, but not limited to, Amazon, EBay, Walmart, Facebook, or a forum or bulletin board on someone else’s website. The penalty for failure to comply can be $2500 per day, per occurrence. Even if you don’t intentionally conduct business with Californians, the liability risk is yours.

Dillon Precision equipment shipped beginning on August 30, 2018, will be marked so as to be fully compliant. Do not cover, remove, deface or alter these warnings.

For retail display in California, the warning on the Dillon Precision product packaging is sufficient for compliance purposes. If you remove a product from the packaging, you are assuming the responsibility for properly notifying the customer of any warnings prior to completion of any purchase.

Dillon Precision sells a limited selection of Vista Outdoor products, including RCBS dies and Bushnell optics. If you purchase any of these products from us for resale, please refer to , and use the password ( VistaProp65Vendor ) to see which of their products require a warning.

A copy of this notice as well as PDF’s of both Dillon and Non-Dillon items covered under Prop 65 are included below.

Dealer Letter Regarding Prop 65

Dillon Precision Products Covered Under Prop 65

Non-Dillon Precision Products That Require A Prop 65 Warning

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